Spa Bath Hygiene

Spa Hygiene is essential in today’s environment to eliminate and prevent bacteria and disease. Spa baths can accumulate an amazing amount of unhygienic matter such as body fats, oils, skin tissue, and hair follicles, that build up over time and adhere to the inside of the pump and circulating system.

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Click here to view a spa before it was cleaned with SPA.GIENE™, and the amazing result after.

The difference is unmistakable. The solution is SPA.GIENE™!

SPA.GIENE™ is a unique product specifically manufactured for use in spa baths. SPA.GIENE™ is more effective and powerful than similar products on the market in its ability to breakdown and dislodge the body fats, oils, skin tissue, and hair follicles that build up in the pipes, jets and pump after each use, as well as excellent anti-microbial activity. SPA.GIENE™ is an easy one-step system that totally cleans and disinfects the entire spa bath system.

“The ‘Capital Health Authority’ in Canada, has conducted field trials on Quaternary ammonium compounds, Bleach and Virox and the only chemical they have found which effectively reduced pathogenic bacteria in individual hydrotherapy tubs is Quaternary ammonium compounds.”*

We would like to point out that the antimicrobial properties of SPA.GIENE™ are excellent and has proven test results that demonstrate activity against bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Staphylococcus, e-coli, Acinetobacter anitratus and bacillus.

The base quaternary ammonium component used in SPA.GIENE™, is of the highest grade available and has proven wide spectrum antimicrobial properties. Other quaternary ammonium bases used in the market are far cheaper. The cost is associated with the molecular weight – the higher grades have a lower molecular weight and far more costly to produce but are more effective soil removers as well as being far more effective as an antimicrobial agent.

*Reference: Capital Health Authority Alberta Province Canada

How clean is your bath, really?
Just imagine…

  • You have been driving all day and half the night.
  • You book into a motel and take the deluxe suite because it includes a whirlpool spa bath and the state, you’re in, a long hot spa before bed would be simply priceless.
  • The bath is, as you predicted, magnificent!
  • You lean over to turn the jets on and suddenly a housemaid enters the bathroom carrying a glass of thick black sludgy looking liquid.
  • She explains that “in this motel, we don’t sanitize our whirlpool spa baths properly and therefore certain body fats, hairs, bacteria from wounds and potentially awful diseases that have come from previous guests’ bodies, have been lodged in the pipes of this spa bath, they look just like the substance in this glass”.
  • “Just thought I’d let you know before you turn the jets on!”
  • “Well… Are you going to use it now”?

If you don’t know – Ask for SPA.GIENE

What happens if you do not clean your Whirlpool Spa Bath?

Consumers could be at risk when one person has a bath and leaves bacteria, for example (E.coli or Staphylococcus) in the pipes and pumps for the next person to bathe in.

You cannot afford to have someone contract a serious or deadly disease from your bath.

What Are These Bacteria?

SPA.GIENE™ has been servicing the treatment of Whirlpool Spa Baths, Pedicure foot baths, Hydrotherapy tubs and Hot tubs for many years. Why are we so popular? Our Flush Cleaner® is:

Simple Instructions Simple Application
Less chance of customer service problems
No dangerous chemicals Non-Toxic/ Chlorine Free/ Non-Hazardous
Not Classified as Hazardous 
Hassle free for staff or home users.
No freight handling or storage restrictions
No Outside Cleaning Companies just do it yourself.
Environmental Issues Biodegradable and suitable for septic systems
Cost Effective Used with cold water
Eliminate other products
No residual/ No reflushing
Proven Reliability Satisfied Customers
Quality Product Premium Strength. Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth.
Competitively Priced What price do you put on hygiene and cleanliness?
Promotional Material Comprehensive range of presentation and point of sale materials, including Promotional Video, Brochures, Posters and Counter Displays.
No residue The bath does not require re filling to flush out twice
No harmful chemicals Will not tarnish gold chrome or brass plated jets and spa surface. Will not harm pump.
8% Active quaternary ammonium compound Proven wide spectrum antimicrobial properties
SPA.GIENE™: Will keep spa baths in a meticulous hygienic condition (The Total Clean)
Bath Hygiene
Product Range

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