Whirlpool Jetted Spa Baths

SPA.GIENE™ can be used throughout the house:

  1. Fill bath with hot or cold water 1 inch above the jets.
  2. Measure 50ml/1.69oz of SPA.GIENE™ into your 1-liter auto measure bottle or measuring device.
  3. Turn on all jets and air bubbles and add SPA.GIENE™ to the water.
  4. Run for 15 minutes. (If you have an exhaust fan, turn it on during this time). Foaming will occur. You will see areas of brown on the foam (Body fats and hair will show inside or on top of the foam).
  5. Turn off pump/air and drain the bath.
  6. While draining the bath, with a pair of gloves on, wipe the excess scum from surface of bath with a damp cloth and rinse with tap running.
  7. Wipe surface of bath dry with a separate clean & dry cloth.

N.B. For baths that are more than two years old and being treated for the first time, it is recommended to flush clean twice a day for 7 to 10 days to eliminate the buildup of body fat and hair.

Washing Machines

Hygenic Flush For Top And Front Loader Washing Machine.

  1. Fill washing machine with warm water.
  2. Add 50ml SPA.GIENE™.
  3. Run a short/normal wash cycle followed by a cold rinse cycle.


SPA.GIENE™ can also be used from the bottle on a damp sponge to clean the rubber door seals and hinges before the cleaning process above. The use of gloves is recommended.

General Cleaning

General Household Cleaning For General Household Cleaning
Multipurpose Spray & Wipe

Dilute SPA.GIENE™ 50ml/1.69oz with 1 liter/32oz of water.
Use for Cleaning of:

All Bathroom Surfaces
General Household Cleaning Shower Recess
Shower Screen
Laundry Trough
Telephone Handset
Light Switches

Stainless steal


wood trim




Spa Pool/Hot Tub Maintenance

  1. Regular cleaning (quarterly) and scouring of the spa pool/hot tubs, pipes and pump with SPA.GIENE™ is required to eliminate accumulated body fats and organic waste.
  2. Regular cleaning or backwashing of the spa filter to eliminate buildup and prevent clogging of the element pores.
  3. Regular dosage with your bactericide, correct water balance and the quarterly application of SPA.GIENE™ to clarify and sanitizes the recirculated water by effectively killing bacteria and algae. This will result in clear spa water.

Spa Pool Maintenance

Compatible with all other Spa Bactericides i.e.; Chlorine/ Bromine/ Salt Chlorinators.
To be used on a regular basis – quarterly when spa is emptied.

  1. SPA or HOT TUB to be filled to normal level of use – Cold (use existing water)
  2. Remove filter cartridge (sand filter-switch to recirculate).
  3. Turn on Filter Pump and add SPA.GIENE™ at the rate of 100ml for every 1000 Liters of water.
  4. Run for 30 minutes. Foaming will occur. You will see areas of brown (body fat). On completion any surplus foam can be scooped off and wipe the sides of the spa (surface scum) with a clean damp cloth.
  5. Replace with a cleaned or new Cartridge Filter or Backwash Sand Filter. The spa can now be used.

The ingredients of SPA.GIENE™ are not classified as Hazardous.

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